From a Whatsapp group prototype to a $1.3 million investment.

From a Whatsapp group prototype to $1.3 million pre-seed round - this is how a founder validated his concept with off the shelf tools and ultimately lead to him creating Amie - A unique habit-forming productivity platform.

Product Managers - It's time to create a Product Lab. Here's why.

How to take advantage of the new iOS14 Widgets launch.As Product Managers, how can we create new features and improvements to our products whilst also balancing the trade-offs of user experience and foster

How to take advantage of the new iOS14 Widgets launch.

With the recent announcement at this years WWDC 2020 keynote, Apple unveiled the long awaited iOS14 update. But are we overlooking something huge as product creators? Could this be the next boom in the

Creating a new coffee brand like a software product

Lean and Agile principles aren't just adopted by software products and their teams - in fact, they started life in manufacturing in the 1930's by Toyota. This new

Growing an email newsletter to 16k subs before launch

Dan Shipper was big productivity nerd. After his company Firefly was acquired he spent a couple of years angel investing before he began to think about

Comprehensive list of 'Smoke Test' techniques

A FREE definitive list of 12 modern, alternative 'Smoke Test' techniques to help test early signs of desirability with your target market before you even launch.


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From Whatsapp group MVP $1.3m investment. A founders validation journey